At Global Hockey Consultants, we feature the same attributes that make our clients successful: Professionalism. Ability. Competence. Thoroughness. Integrity. Reliability. Dedication.We use these characteristics to enhance all aspects of our clients' professional lives, including contract negotiation, financial planning, tax preparation, marketing, endorsements, and professional development

We Earn Trust

Global Hockey Consultants has represented professional athletes for more than 25 years. We understand the many career and life decisions players face. We dedicate ourselves to earning the trust of our clients and their families, and we work with them to make the best choices. No matter where they work or live, our clients enjoy the benefits of a broad range of financial and professional services during and long after their hockey careers. We are in it for the long haul; the trust we build fosters long-term friendships and professional relationships with clients.

Our Mission

At GHC our mission is to guide our players to acquire the professionalism, dedication, and skills to become a player in the National Hockey League -and to enjoy all the satisfaction, sense of accomplishment, and benefits that are possible for them to enjoy.

Client Focused

Clients are the centerpiece of our business. Their success is our top priority. They are part of the Global Hockey Consultants family. We consider ourselves guardians of their career and assets. Our team is powerful enough to reap the greatest possible rewards for them, yet focused enough to provide superior individual service and attention to their affairs.

We are talented, committed, and professional. And, like our clients, we are dedicated to their successes in hockey and in life.