Comprehensive services

The financial aspects of a professional hockey career can be complex. Salaries continue to rise, and with them, tax implications, legal responsibilities, and the need to invest and insure assets strategically. Global Hockey Consultants offers a broad range of superior services, extending to all areas relevant to the professional hockey player
Tax Services

Global Hockey Consultants employs accounting firms in Toronto and New York City to consult and prepare all state, provincial and federal tax returns in the United States and Canada. It has also employed other international Accounting Firms and Tax Attorneys for special situations. Global clients receive the most sophisticated and effective tax planning and counseling service available.

Financial Planning

Global Hockey Consultants provides full-service planning for its clients in areas such as budgeting, cash flow management, investment consulting, insurance, and retirement planning. Global emphasizes developing dependable, lifelong revenue streams for clients, ensuring financial stability long after hockey ends.


Global Hockey Consultants has negotiated hundreds of professional contracts and prides itself on gaining its clients the utmost value in their contracts whether through negotiations or arbitration. Mark Witkin adapts his strategy and tactics to the needs of the client and the provisions of the changing collective bargaining agreements between the National Hockey League and the National Hockey League Players Association. Moreover, Mark Witkin is respected throughout the hockey community for his professionalism and preparation and innovation in contract negotiation.


Global Hockey Consultants has forged strong alliances with numerous media organizations, providing avenues for clients to bolster their earning potential and celebrity.

Public Appearances

We work with numerous speakers, bureaus and others to ensure that our clients have the opportunity to do as many or as few public appearances as they wish.

Player Development

To become a professional athlete, players need to work extremely hard on and off the ice. At Global Hockey Consultants, we recommend and work with some of the finest on ice skill development coaches and off ice strength/conditioning instructors.