Dr. John Karaffa
President of ProSport CPA

Dr. John Karaffa

We are ProSport CPA, an accounting firm I built aggressively from my two passions: sports and accounting. As a pro athlete, I was driven by winning. As an accountant, I am driven by saving pro athletes money. We are a tax firm you can trust with unique knowledge and experience. We want to help you save your hard-earned cash so that you can focus on your future, career, and family.

I love my job! After a successful college basketball career at Butler University, I was fortunate to play professionally overseas for 12 seasons. While playing in Germany, I used my accounting degree at a Big 4 tax firm. After my basketball career, I realized the need for tax accountants who focus on the needs of professional athletes. Athletes train hard to be the best and I believe that their accountant should train just as hard!

As the leading sports tax firm, ProSport CPA operates like a pro sports team. We are not content with saving you money at the edges, we play to win as we help you accumulate wealth through smart tax decisions. I know this business like no other sports accountant. I earned my Doctor of Business Administration in 2010 and keep myself and my team on the forefront of tax issues, including international tax laws. Athletes, and other sports professionals, have a lot of money at stake. You deserve someone who wants to help you keep your money as you build a secure financial future.

If I’m not at the office or at home with my wife and four kids, you might find me on a basketball court in our community or joining a group of friends for pick-up games. My career is now focused on accounting, but I’ll never lose my love for sports.